Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mort Mather's Garden Spot

Mort Mather organically gardening at his home in Maine.

Back in 1996, I was contacted by Mort Mather about publishing his organic gardening articles on line. I was just in there cleaning up some things and I got to reading some of the articles. What a treasure! Anyone interested in organic gardening should check out the Garden Spot and read some of Mort's informative articles.

Mort likes to say that the soil is your bank, and you won't be able to make withdrawals unless you make deposits. Of course, the best kind of deposit is compost. This time of year I find myself grabbing bags of cut grass and leaves to add to the pile, so I'll have plenty of compost to add to raised beds in the spring.

"The land is our bank. Making deposits is a high priority."

Mort's also a big fan of worms, as are all of us organic gardeners. This article has a great conversation with a non-organic gardener about the importance of worms in your garden.

In short, Mort's idea is that healthy soil creates healthy plants which are naturally pest and drought resistant. For more on growing healthy plants in healthy soil, spend a little time in the Garden Spot or with Mort's book, Gardening for Independence.


Phil said...

Thanks for the info. Couldn't agree more on the compost, worms, and healthy soil=healthy plants=bye bye to pest. I also would add leaves as being one of my favorites, even better than compost for some things.

Walker said...

I like Mort Mather article about "organic gardening" this is very good for us, and I agree with Mort"The land is our bank.Making deposits is a high priority"
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