Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Organic Gardening Gifts

We've restocked our organic gardening supplies store with great gardening gifts for the gardener in your family. Wow. You can tell that sentence was written by a specialist in search engine optimization. We hope that on this day of sad environmental news, you'll vote with your dollars. By spending our money wisely, in ways that help the planet, we'll be telling American industry and politicians that no matter which party you're from, or which polluting industry you lobby for, a majority of Americans believe in more environmental protection, not less. By spending your money on environmentally sound products and services, like our organic gardedning products, you send a message by rewarding the companies that produce these environmental products, and punishing the ones who don't.

Perhaps most importantly is getting children involved in sustaianble spending. We recommend getting them started in organic gardening with this Whitney Farms Organic Gardening Starter Kit. Besides teaching them respect for nature and organic gardening techniques they will remember all their lives, children will eat vegetables they grow!