Saturday, July 27, 2002

Panel of Advisors faults EPA’s Pesticide Review as Inadequate to Protect Children

“This was so sloppy even the scientific advisory panel couldn’t stomach it. These scientists have basically chucked this back at the EPA and said, ’Not good enough. Do it again.’ This is not an adequate margin of safety and this will not protect children.” -- Jennifer Sass, National Resources Defense Council
The independent panel suggested the EPA concluded 28 pesticides were safe without an adequate review of whether they are particularly harmful when combined. Why doesn't this suprise me? This is my answer to all you people who, before the election, said, "How much damage can Bush really do?" Well, how many people will get cancer when it could be avoided? And this is just one issue! Please tell your friends in swing states to vote for anyone BUT Republicans. This madness must be stopped!