Thursday, March 02, 2006

PANNA: Pesticides Linked to Frog Mutations: Here's a big surprise. Pesticides are linked to frog mutations. Wow.

Look, my wife and I are big fans of frogs. We even have a web site with frog posters, books, toys, and other frog related stuff. We think these amphibians are our canaries in the coal mines. These mutations are proving that the pesticides we dump on our farm land and yards are running off into our water supply, which the new big-business controlled Supreme Court will soon make easier to do by changing the reach of the clean water act.

It is quickly becoming clear that the only way to combat these global corporate polluters and suburban lawn junkies is to go organic. Make your yard organic. Encourage organic agriculture by purchasing organic food and products whenever you can. Since our government and big business community care more about short term profit than the long term viability of our land and agriculture, then we have to change things from the ground up. Literally.