Monday, April 26, 2010

Times are tough for the organic coffee farmers

As you probably know if you read this blog regularly, we know some organic farmers and we do our best to help them thrive. But times are tough, especially for people selling products that are more expensive than conventionally grown. As one of our financially challenged friends likes to point out, it's just too damn expensive to do the right thing when it comes to food. Arguing with him that their are hidden costs to cheap food that we all pay for later doesn't phase him, as it just doesn't matter because he can't afford to eat organic unless he grows it himself.

This has led me to the conclusion that the burden on those who can afford to eat and drink organically is higher than on people who cannot afford it. People who can afford it, in fact, have more of an ethical obligation to go organic, which will increase demand for organic products, thereby increasing supply and lowering the price for everyone. The affluent shoppers must sustain the sustainable so that we can increase the supply of sustainable food and products.

To wit: organic Kona coffee. This isn't just coffee... It's heaven in a cup. Seriously, anyone who really loves coffee should give Kona Comfort a try. I've been drinking the coffee from this farm through two owners. The new owners, Mike and Ric, bought the organic Kona coffee farm right before the recession hit, and they're having a tough time making ends meet. Competing with the big guys is hard enough, but then there are the inevitable other set backs that come with commercial agriculture operations, all which have led to tough times for these great guys who are busting their butts doing the right thing.

So, all you affluent readers (I know some of you are doing OK and can afford some of this coffee), go to the Kona Comfort Organic Coffee website and sign up for the automated shipments of organic Kona coffee. You will be seriously glad you did, and you'll be helping to sustain sustainable domestic coffee production. And what could be more fair trade than buying directly from the farmer?

Still not convinced? Just check out these reasons to order this particular gourmet organic Kona coffee:

  Our coffee beans all come from our own land, all unmixed with questionable crops from other farms.
  Each bag is processed here under our direct control, no secondary party management!
  We operate the farm ourselves, twelve months of the year: we are not absentee.
  We use traditional fermentation (with mountain rainwater no chlorine) followed by natural sun drying.
  Your coffee (before roasting) is cured AND kept protected in a climate controlled room,
when you order, then we fresh roast and ship it right out to you for your best enjoyment.
  Each person here is dedicated to and educated in strict organic practices, our compliance is certified.
  We don't "send out" our coffee for any step, it's never exposed to questionable handling by third parties.

I've had coffee from all over the world, and I'm not kidding when I say this is the the best... Seriously ONO coffee. Da Kine, bra. And these are good people who deserve a serious shot at success with this great product. Help 'em out.