Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Facts about HR 875

I've heard a lot of worried emails about HR 875, and would like to make sure we all have the facts straight on this bill. So, please read this fact sheet on HR 875 from La Vida Locavore.

Readers of the late great Molly Ivins will note that she often would point out to anyone who said Republicans and Democrats are all alike that food policy is one place where there is a stark difference between the parties. Big corporations are not going to like this bill, and it's not going to hurt farmer's markets or organic standards. But this kind of tough bill on food safety is exactly the kind of thing Ivins would have predicted, what with Democrats in charge and all.

There's an organic "recession" garden on the White House lawn, people! We are going in the right direction for a change. Now get out there and put some manure out! Get your soil tested (our results just came back and I had to get some green sand because I don't have enough K in the soil, and the pH is 8). Sign up for those farmer's markets. Trade veggies for grass fed meat! Join a CSA (or start one)!