Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Anyone who wasn't paying attention to the USDA's organic standards fiasco this week wouldn't have noticed yet another Bush administration flip-flop. This time, the USDA, and Ann Veneman, Armageddon freak, tried to allow some pesticide and antibiotic use in organic food. Today, about 24 hours later, Veneman backed off those changes. It was all probably a ploy so Bush could say he protected the organic standards from attack.

One thing's for sure: John Kerry doesn't flip-flop on the environment. He gets a 92%, an A, from the League of Conservation Voters. George Bush gets an F. The first F they've ever given.

So, all you Kerry voters in California and New York (or any other solidly blue or red state) get your asses to Ohio, where you only have to be a resident for 30 days to vote there.