Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Friends of the Earth: Press Releases: 2003: New Tax Could Cut Pesticide Use

What are the odds that the Bush Assministration will let anything like this, which would cost the billionaire executives of Monsanto and DuPont some pocket change (assuming people actually start using less of their toxic stuff), anywhere near the Governator's Pen? I can hear the phone conversaton now.
Bush: Arnold?
Gov: W?
Bush: Hey, if you want any chance to become president, you gotta stop this pesticide tax.
Gov: No problem. I promised no new taxes, and all of these kinds of things.
The proposed tax hike on pesticides would fund classes for California farmers on how to reduce the amount of toxic runoff in the state's water supply. This would be a temporary tax paid by urban buyers of all sorts of chemicals, including chlorine for pools. The current 2.1% tax would go to 10% for three years, and then revert to the 2.1%. During this time, farmers who enroll in the classes would recieve rebates, and could actually make money from the program.

You know why this won't happen? Because it makes sense. In the mean time, I encourage everyone to learn what you can online about using less, or no, synthetic chemicals on your yards and gardens. Organic gardeners have no runoff problems.

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