Friday, July 22, 2005

I often get mail from kids looking for organic farms on which they'd like to work, in order to learn more about organic agriculture. Now they can go to college, because as today's AP headline says, Students Flock to Campus Organic Farms.
Over the past few years, about 200 schools have signed up with farm-to-college programs, which match up local farmers with area universities, according to the Venice, Calif.-based Community Food Security Coalition.
It's not just fruits and vegetables, either. The University of Montana in Missoula spends $425,000 on local meat, dairy and wheat products, about 17 percent of the school's overall food budget. Some of the students are even looking into bio-diesel programs to run their tractors.

I have such hope for the next generation. At my local grocery store the other day, the stock boy, about 18 years old, was putting glass bottles of milk on the shelf. I said I was amazed that they still put milk in glass, and he said he wished they put organic milk in glass, because that's all he'll drink. Wow. I remember the days when I was explaining to everyone why they should eat, and drink, organic. Now, they're bragging about it.

For anyone who still doesn't understand why eating organic is better for you, read today's LA Times story, Dozens of Chemicals Found in Most Americans' Bodies. While your health is certainly a good reason to go organic, you should know that organic agriculture is much better for the planet's health too.