Thursday, April 02, 2009

Too Organic for Republicans

We moved in here last fall and never really got a good foundation in for the garden. So that's what we're doing now. Since this soil is very clay like (I'm still waiting for the results of my soil test from Cornell), I'm adding a lot of organic matter. But first, since there's a perfect little incline, I'm putting in some terracing (using concrete blocks), back-filled with sand over gravel, so I have great drainage. Hauling composted horse manure from a stable nearby is a lot of fun for Robin, who has to do all the heavy lifting these days.

Reminds me of a cartoon my Uncle Danny drew of Grandpa Turf, saying "What a stroke of luck! Myrt got a job loading concrete blocks!"

So, that's been sucking up our time.

I couldn't resist, though, posting this little story about Republicans worried that Obama's choice for the number two position at USDA is too organic.

Republican lawmakers expressed concern that Merrigan, a Clinton administration official who helped develop USDA rules on what can be sold as organic food, has been too closely associated with organic farming.

What's the matter, GOP? Worried that your chemical company campaign donors won't have enough money to pave your road back to power? Afraid the Monsanto piggy bank is going to dry up? Afraid your anti-green portfolio is going to lose even more value before you can buy that little private island where John Galt lives?

Now that I've had my little laugh, I'm going back outside to shovel my solar powered, mammal generated, composted fertilizer into the new raised beds.